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A casual train game where you earn money for taking passengers to different destinations and can spend that money on upgrades for your train!

Endless, easy going, and maybe even a little spicy if you pick up the right passengers.


Click to interact (click a lot to move the train faster!)

R - Reset game

Q - Quit game


Buy Now$1.00 CAD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1 CAD. You will get access to the following files:

Rusty's Rail (Windows) 20 MB
Rusty's Rail (Mac) 25 MB

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I picked this game up recently. Game is really fun. Still playing it. I see quite a few places for improvement, not sure how far you plan to take this project..

  • It needs a settings/audio menu to adjust in-game.
  • Some new terrain and weather would be a good idea to the scene. Maybe snow and leaves falling.
  • Would be nice if the upgrade system made visible impovements to the train.
  • The random events during movement are funny, and audio could possibly add to it.

my computer said that its unsafe. so I cant play this good looking game =(

You would have to change your security settings to allow apps from unknown developers. Sorry about that! 


Minor typo: "The train's breaks..." -- should be "brakes."

Beautiful art style.  Great job!


*12 passengers have been arrested for stabbing a 13th once each.* I see that Murder on the Orient Express reference.

Ahah excellent eye!

Awesome gamem and love the simply art style!


now that those bugs are fixed the game works great!! would love a way to save, and maybe some upgrades that affect the look of the train, keep up the good work!!

Deleted 3 years ago

I don't know which version you have played, but in my I can't reset the progress. I can't start over :( . So once you are playing it gets you a bit bored after a while. And when you have plenty of money and upgraded train, you definitely wants a reset ;) .

The game is ok. I liked it. But it is rather for a quarter or two, not for a 3 hours of game. Short break plus some piano (Chopin?) music is quite relaxing :).

Hi! If you press the 'R' key you should be able to restart from the beginning! We're glad you liked it, and yes it is Chopin! 


Hello! I really enjoyed your game, it had a great sense of humour and looked wonderful! I made a let's play of your game here~

Thank you so much! We're glad you had fun ! :)

You're most welcome! Good luck with your future projects :D


Hope you enjoy this game! this game is created not to be play but to be enjoy of course. relax! spoil your eyes with amazing view and fantastic piano music

My opinion:

this game is to enjoy the view in my opinion but the view it self is moving to fast, i hope there a mechanic like moving fast and faster not become super fast by a single click and after getting in the station, it became slower and slower until it stop (not a super break that stop the train almost instantly, you can see the rail is moving fast even you have got to station). you cant start your journey to the next station if the rail in the background didnt stoping. i must play it in 1920 resolution to see everything include money (bottom right), i try 1280x720 but the screen just didnt get to right placed (no money screen and only cabin upgrade available to see). by the way, its a minor things actually but can you add more speed to the money addition after the passeger goes down, its ok if it is only 30 pass but with 70 pass the money looks slow. btw the game is great, the graphic and the music is SUPER, its chilling its relaxing, its amazing. GOOD JOB!!!

this video took long time to upload, hope you enjoy it and push that subscribe button :D

good potential, but as theres not save mechanic, i cant get past running into dead ends with the station locations exiting the screen, so really not worth putting any time into atm, fix some bugs and ill be happy to give it another shot

Hi! Thank you for trying out the game! We are just about to fix up this issue with the buttons being off screen! We will post an update here with a new build as soon as its ready!

If you re-download the build now, the map buttons should all show up correctly now!

so i finally got to some stations, seems the sighs to click on for each new station sometimes go out of the playing view area, and then theres no where to go..., also the messages that display when the train is moving, are too high, they get 75% cut off, and cant be read.  would be nice to see how much $ we have on had as well, currently i cant find anywhere on screen that shows that. 

games looks great, and opens fine, but i am unable to click on any other stations to go to after the train stops at the first one (beginning of game) the only thing i can click on is the upgrade cabin button which works btw, but still the train remains un-movable after that...pls fix, i love idle games and trains, so this would be great to play for me.

Deleted 3 years ago

Hey! Sorry this is happening, we have to adjust the resolutions to work on more screen sizes. We will have this fixed within a few days!

Deleted 3 years ago

All better, if you re-download you shouldn't have any issue with the map buttons anymore!