Bear-ly Updated

Friends! We want to let you know Bear-ly There has had a major face lift!

We made it prettier, it runs faster, and there is twice as much food for Barris to chow down on!

Specifically we:

- Added UI, game messages, and sound effects rendered like comic callouts!

- Barris can now WALK! Ok, he can't, but he is MUCH more....uh....controllable? Sort of? We at least made him less frustrating to roll around with :)

- Added a full game loop so Barris can hibernate in the winter, and return to his full fat glory again year after year!

- Updated the forest with new tree models and layout. 

- Added more terrain, and adjusted original terrain layout

- Berries! On Bushes! You can eat them, we also added a few more art assets to spruce up the place!

- Secrets!

- New water, new sky!

- Salmon now spawn at an alarming rate, Barris better get in that river and deal with those pesky fish!

**Pst...hey...we're working on something huge. Thanks for playing our games and following our journey!**

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