What's the deal?

Hi friends!

So here we have our latest TOJam creation, Bear-ly There.

We're super excited about it, and as with most of our jam projects, we are aiming to continue working on it to polish it up.

This build here is fairly stable. There is a bug where some of Barris' bones will....break..and he sort of implodes.

Our rough plan is to work on it in the coming (2 weeks?) and it will continue to live here on this glorious website.

The next Devlog will be a final update after we are ready to close this casket.

Thanks for following, and if you want to reach us for comments or complaints, hit us up on Twitter!

Ryan Welham - @Ryry14

Mike Gillespie - @Mkxg

Vanion Paradis - @VanionParadis


Bear-ly There 49 MB
May 08, 2017
Bear-ly There 54 MB
May 08, 2017

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