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In the level with the elevator switch there's a green platform that's misplaced and makes the yellow player fall A LOT  :c

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On macOS CTRL+arrows used as shortcut and I can't use it for second player. Please change CTRL to other key. Also arrows keys on macbook not ergonomic, maybe you can change it to other keys like I K L J Y

Anyway to play with friends online? And not by having a person in your house.


Not yet, but who knows, maybe we're working on something :O

why cant i move the yellow person

wow, dat's cool

This is a great CO-OP Puzzle game. Highly recommend it for some local multiplayer action. Got a friend coming over to play games? TRYST is a great co-op game to pull out. You'll have fun solving these puzzles. Follow GMVR for more playthroughs of demos.


I'm glad you enjoyed it so much and we really appreciate the kind words! Your videos look great! Thank you thank you!